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Finishing Services

Enhancing and Protecting Your Products

Before leaving our factory many products may undergo a series of finishing services for cosmetic or functional benefit. Finishing services improve resistance to corrosion, improve visual appearance, protect against wear, and offer a host of additional benefits. At GS Proto we offer a variety of different cosmetic and protective finishing options adding excellent finishes to prototypes, small batch orders, and low volume manufacturing runs.

Professional Finishing Services for your Part, Prototype, or Design

At GS Proto we operate an entire department dedicated solely to providing the finishing services our customers want and require –  and all under one roof.  The right finishing service will improve the look, feel, endurance, versatility, and much more of your project.

Our range of professional finishing services extends as far as our customer’s needs require.  Our most popular finishing services include:

Spray Painting

Apply colourful painted finishes to nearly any finished product in our own in-house clean room.  Colours can be added for cosmetic or functional reasons, helping differentiate between functions or parts, and to draw focus to a particular point.  Painted items are treated to protect against fading and wear, and all finished items undergo thorough quality control before leaving our factory.  Ask about our colour matching services!

Silk Screening

Our silk screening service is the perfect way to add information and character directly on to your finished product.  Silk screening can be used to add:

  • Company logos
  • Part or serial numbers
  • Product names, and much more!


Add a thin plating of gold, silver, or other precious metal to your finished product and achieve electrical resistance, chemical tolerance, visual effect, and more!  Ask about our full range of plating services and metallic options!

Brush Anodising

Aluminum and other alloys can be brush-anodised for added protection and utility.  Anodising has many advantages and applications, including:

  • Increasing resistance to wear and corrosion
  • Improving adhesion of paint and other coatings
  • Improving reflectivity


Finished metal products can undergo electroplating, most often in the form of Anodic Oxidation.  During electroplating, electricity is used to remove ions; this builds resistance along the surface of a metal and increases resistance to wear.  Electroplating offers proctection against corrosion and assists with adhesion for various cosmetic finishes.

Laser Etching

Etch your logo, product name, part or serial numbers and much more using our laser etching finishing service. Our talented artists can etch even small designs with incredible detail using our precision laser etching equipment.


It’s hard to match the effect of a perfect shine. Put the finishing touch on your parts using our polishing services. Polishing may be completed by sanding, blasting, and in some cases – exposing the surface of the part to controlled vapors. We operate a fully-equipped polishing department to clean, polish, and highlight your products for a pristine presentation.

Full Range of Professional Finishing Services

Don’t see it on this list?  Give us a call!  With our full range of finishing options you can get the look, feel, and function you want in the time frame you need.  All finishing services are performed in-house, making them available fast and for the lowest possible cost. With the right combination of materials and finishes almost anything is possible.  We want to see your ideas achieve their true potential!  Reach out today to receive a free, no obligation quote for your next prototyping or manufacturing project.  Our staff is fluent in a number of languages including English, Mandarin, French and Japanese – call today!