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Prototyping and Manufacturing with In-House Project Management

At GS Proto we offer the entire range of production services. From design to delivery our services are all located under one roof. We have designers ready and available to assist with part drawings, material selection, CAD drawings and more. Our departments are interconnected ensuring integrity of design and concept throughout the entire production process. The result is a product matching your design, exceeding your expectations, and performing perfectly.

CNC Machining Services

GS Proto utilises the latest in advanced CNC machinery and supporting technology, extending our capabilities to the cutting edge of industrial manufacturing. Our CNC turning and milling services can be used for a wide variety of applications using a multitude of different metals, alloys, and plastics. Operating a massive bank of 3, 4, and 5-axis CNC machines, our talented engineers and operators produce metal parts and components with extreme precision and quality.

Silicone Moulding

Silicone rubber is resistant to corrosion, resilient when exposed to extreme temperatures, unaffected by many chemicals, and immune to electrical current. Liquid silicone rubber (LSR) is a production material in very high demand for its versatility. Silicone can be used in the 3D prototyping process, or for producing thousands of identical units from a single mold. Silicone is available in many assorted colors, can be used in many applications, and can be produced quickly.

Sheet Metal Pressing

For durable and lasting manufactured parts and prototypes using metals and alloys, GS Proto offers premier sheet metal fabrication services.  Whether you’re looking for a one-off prototype or thousands of identical parts, we are ready to serve you.  We offer extremely competitive pricing with no minimum order quantity. Achieve precise cuts, bends, and designs with sheet metal fabrication by GS Proto.

3D Printing Services

GS Proto is an industry leader in the field of rapid prototype creation. Using 3D printing technology we can produce 3D-printed SLA and SLS laser prototypes in as fast as 24-48 hours. Create simple designs with our SLA prototyping service or fully-functional prototypes using our 3D SLS printing service. 3D prototypes can help you evaluate designs, test customer response, and explain your concept quickly and easily.

Die Casting

Die casting is used to form metal materials into solid shapes. Product designs are sent to our own CNC department where moulds (aka dies) are created. Dies are injected with heated metal before being cooled, solidifying the metal into a solid shape (or cast) fitting perfectly within the premade mould. Die casting can be used to form a lengthy list of metals into complex geometric angles and shapes. Our range of metals and finishing services make die casting the preferred method for quickly producing identical solid metal parts, components, and housings.

Injection Moulding

For the rapid production of plastic parts in greater numbers – plastic injection moulding is the optimal solution for quick and easy replication. Injection moulded plastics are excellent for use in extreme environments and conditions, and can be created using any of the many different plastics we have to choose from. Our own in-house CNC shop produces moulds which can be used repeatedly, creating thousands of identical plastic units while saving money on design, and time on production.

Finishing Services

Completed parts and projects can undergo additional finishing services to further improve their durability, increase resilience, and intensify their appearance. From industrial treatments designed to improve environmental resistance and increase part durability, to cosmetic color-matched painting or 24k gold plating, GS Proto has a complete portfolio of professional finishing services to choose from.

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