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3D Printing Services


Rapid Prototyping Services

Rapid Prototyping Solutions

At GS Proto, it is our mission to provide the best rapid prototyping solutions in the industry.  Using the latest industrial 3D printing technology we can produce accurate prototypes in as little as 24 hours.  3D printed prototypes are perfect for quickly testing project design or function, or as a useful visual aid helping to demonstrate your concept.

3D printing uses a layering process to quickly produce three dimensional prototypes from 3D CAD data using a variety of different possible materials.  Using different 3D printing methods layers are added and cured until a final product is complete.

We offer SLA and SLS 3D printing production services creating functional and non-functional prototypes using different plastics, nylons, and silicone rubbers.  Your design and needs will determine which laser rapid prototyping solution is right for you.

Depending on your project and requirements, SLA 3D printing or SLS 3D printing can be used to produce your prototypes quickly and with extreme accuracy.
SLA printing is use to create non-functioning prototypes.
SLS printing builds prototypes able to support moving parts, detachable pieces, and more for demonstrating prototype function.

SLA 3D Printing

Taking 3D CAD data materials are liquified and repeatedly layered before being dried with ultraviolet light.  They are then cleaned and sent for final curing. Prototypes made using SLA laser printing are extremely accurate and precise allowing for high resolution of detail on even small prototypes.

SLA Printing Process

  1. The design is uploaded to a 3D CAD file then sliced into fine digital layers
  2. Layers are added, one at a time, into a vat of liquid resin
  3. Ultraviolet lasers trace new layer boundaries while solidifying the previous
  4. The process continues until a full design is produced
  5. Excess resin is removed and the prototype is cleaned
  6. Final curing is performed – the prototype is complete!


  • Wide selection of translucent or opaque materials
  • High-resolution prototypes
  • Precise detail and accurate design
  • Many available finishing options

SLS 3D Printing

SLS laser rapid prototyping is a layering process used for producing fully-functional prototypes. In 3D SLS printing CAD designs are divided into equal digital layers which areprinted and moulded together using lasers.

The SLS Printing Process

  1. Design are uploaded to a 3D CAD file and sliced into equal digital layers
  2. Powdered material is spread, then fused into a bottom layer using lasers
  3. Maerial is spread over the base layer and the process is repeated
  4. Completed designs are cleaned and prepared for finishing or delivery
  5. Additional finishing services may be applied – the prototype is complete!


  • Fully-functional prototypes in 24-48 hours
  • Pieces can be made to snap, fit, and otherwise attach to each other
  • Supports fluids, hinges, and other add-ons

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If you’re ready to get started building your prototype or would like more information on SLA and SLS rapid laser prototyping, contact us today.  Our staff is fluent in English, Mandarin, Japanese, French, and more!  We will answer your questions, provide a free quote for your 3D printed project, and demonstrate the advantages of 3D printing by GS Proto compared to conventional prototyping methods.

Put a prototype in your hand quickly using SLA and SLS 3D Printing Services by GS Proto.

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